BMW Authorities Vehicles: Designed by Q Branch?

by J Kraus

BMW 3-Series E90 Authorities Vehicle

BMW E90 3-Series Authorities Vehicle in the livery of the German Autobahnpolizei

BMW make their 3 and 5-Series cars available in Authorities Vehicles specification to military and police organizations. These vehicles are available in a number of configurations and offer a choice of several exclusive accessories.

Most intriguing is a special option for undercover assignments. Let us say you were on your way to make a investigative call at the local offices of SPECTRE, the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.

All would appear normal until you discreetly reached over to press a small nondescript button on the centre console adjacent to the heated seat controls…

Heckler & Koch MP5

Heckler & Koch MP5 in retractable quick-release cradle – option shown as installed in E60 5-Series

The rear armrest flips down and from behind the rear seat (via the ski pass-through) emerges a battle-ready Heckler & Koch MP5 9 mm submachine gun (capable of firing 800 rounds per minute) and two spare magazines (in the event an extended siege ensues.)

The motto of the Authorities Vehicles division is The drive to see any mission through.

If Desmond Llewelyn was still with us, I am quite certain Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin would be fitted with one of these.

4 thoughts on “BMW Authorities Vehicles: Designed by Q Branch?

  1. Given some of the districts I occasionally pass through, I would feel more comfortable if I had one of these just a push button away.

  2. Daniel Craig might not have one, but I’m willing to bet that Blofeld does!

  3. This really gives new meaning to the phrase:”the ultimate driving macine”.

    There’s many parts of Boston where I wish I had one with me driving around at night.

  4. Next time I am negotiating to buy a new BMW, I’ll tell the sales agent if he can include one of these in the deal, I’ll sign on the dotted line!

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