What Sort of Man Reads Auto Universum?

by James Kraus


Koop Kooper out for a night on the town with his Alpine White 1965 Chrysler Valiant Signet

A man in high gear. A man with an eye for classic Jet Age design, with or without wheels. One who enjoys devouring informed automotive history, and an aficionado who lives the good life with Jet Age style and flair. 

Koop Kooper is that sort of man. He hosts the internationally syndicated weekly lounge music podcast Cocktail Nation and is a regular contributor to the online magazine Ultra Swank.

In common with Auto Universum, both sites are copious repositories of Jet Age treasures. Koop lives the Jet Age lifestyle to the fullest, and nothing reflects this sensibility more than his penchant for driving vintage vehicles for everyday transport.


1960 Holden FB, Twilight Turquoise and Grecian White

Starting his motoring life in 1992 with a 1960 Holden; in 2000 he switched to a 1957 Chrysler Royal. These were not treasured classics kept in the garage awaiting the next auto show. These cars both served as his all-weather daily drivers.


1957 Chrysler Royal AP1

Deciding to advance into the automotive swinging sixties in 2007, Koop traded his Royal for the 1965 Chrysler Valiant Signet. The Valiant, like its predecessors, was Koop’s sole form of motorized transport. “People often assume I am some ace car repairer. Well no; I just take it to the garage if it needs work and pay someone else to do the repairs.”


1964 Austin-Healey Sprite Mark III

Early this year, the Valiant found itself replaced by a much different sort of transport, a Champion Red 1964 Austin-Healey Sprite with optional Dunlop centre-lock spoke wheels.

No single-model or one-marque adherent, Koop epitomizes the multifaceted enthusiast and aficionado of Jet Age automobilia and 1960s élan that are the raison d’être of Auto Universum.

*   *   *

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