The Rear Wiper: A Vital Strand of Porsche DNA

James Kraus

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1967 Porsche 911S

Porsche and the rear window wiper are inexorably linked in the annals of automotive history. And for good reason. 

1947 Chevrolet Accessory Price List (partial)

A portion of the 1947 Chevrolet Dealer-Installed Accessory Price List. Note that four different rear wiper versions were produced; one for each body style.

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1949 Mercury Accessory Brochure.

While rear wipers were around as an accessory as far back as the 1940s, they never became commonplace. In the mid-fifties, interest picked up a bit in Italy. In 1955, Ferrari installed a pair on a 250 GT Europa.

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Ferrari 250 Europa. In addition to the dual rear wipers, this unique GT was fitted with a fold-away map tray, ambient temperature gauge and altimeter.

The following year, rear wipers were featured on the Lancia Florida prototype by Pininfarina. When the production version of the Lancia debuted at the 1957 Salon de Genève as the Flaminia Berlina, the rear wipers were retained.

Lancia Flaminia

Lancia Flaminia

While much praised for their functionality, they once again failed to catch on. This was not surprising as the outside mirror; another aid to rear vision, was still widely (particularly in Italy) considered superfluous.

1955 Porsche 356 Speziell für Krupp

Meanwhile, steel magnate and bronze medal-winning Olympic yacht racer Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach ordered a Porsche 356 in 1955, specifying that it be factory-fitted with a Heckscheibenwische. He would continue doing so a number of times right through the purchase of his final 356 SC in 1964.

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Wiking AK017 scale model Porsche 356 Coupé Alfried Krupp with rear wiper, 1964 SC

Other Porsche enthusiasts saw Herr Krupp cruising the autobahn and parked along the strasse with his custom rear wiper and were quick to envision its advantages driving in snow, rain, the mountain mists of the Alpine and Eifel ranges or wiping away morning dew prior to their daily commute to Essen. As a result, the factory began receiving increasing requests for similar installations.

As a result, Porsche developed a version for their newly-introduced 911 and began offering the rear wiper as a standard production option on 1966 models.

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1966 911

The early wiper arm pivot shafts were fitted with inner and outer angled bushings that enabled it to be mounted on the edge of the air intake recess of the existing engine lid. A year later, as the wiper option gained popularity, engine lid pressing dies were modified to incorporate integral mounting bosses for rear wiper installation, eliminating the need for the angled adapter bushings. These were included on each side of the lid to accommodate both left and right-hand drive configurations.

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Volvo 145

Other manufacturers began to take note of Porsche’s rear wiper and in 1969 Volvo added one to the 145. At long last, the time for rear wipers had arrived.

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1978 Volkswagen Golf GTI MkI

By the mid-1970s, rear wipers became ubiquitous on hatchbacks, estates and station wagons. Such body styles were particularly good candidates for such a feature; with their lack of a rear deck their back glass invariably collects more rear-tyre road spray.

The 911 (930) Turbo was fitted with a rear wiper as standard equipment

The 911 (930) Turbo was fitted with a rear wiper as standard equipment

Porsche has remained a steadfast devotee of the rear wiper, offering the option on every fixed-roof production model subsequent to the 911 with the exception of the 916, whose long rear deck and recessed vertical rear window obviated the need for one.

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Porsche 924

The rear wiper is a desirable option on any Porsche, new or old. Beyond its functionality, it is a perfect visual metaphor of classic Porsche essence and character. The 356 and early 911, with their air-cooled reliability, rear engine traction, long-travel independent suspension and generous ground clearance were not just smooth-road sporting machines; they were tough, all-weather, go anywhere on any road vehicles.

This differentiated them from other sporting cars of the time which generally suffered from restricted ground clearance, limited traction, often borderline weather sealing and occasionally marginal cooling systems. Indeed, Porsches were even better than most standard sedans when the going got rough or the weather inclement.

No matter the meteorological conditions or terrain, a Porsche was expected to get the driver to his destination. The stark functionality of a rear wiper is a sculptural expression of this Porsche heritage.

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911 of Henri Perrier and Pierre de Pastier at speed during the Rallye Monte-Carlo, 1966

Early 911 rally cars (including the 1968 Rallye Monte-Carlo winning 911T) were routinely equipped with rear wipers until high-speed stage rallying made weight reduction paramount.

PIC 911S of Vic Elford and David Stone drifts up the Frieberg Hillclimb stage during the Stuttgart-Lyon-Charbonnieres Rally, 1967. Julius Weitmann photo.

911S of Vic Elford and David Stone drifting up the Frieberg hillclimb stage of the Stuttgart-Lyon-Charbonnieres Rally, 1967. Julius Weitmann photo.

Any rallyist who has ever wrong-slotted under inclement conditions can appreciate the value of having a rear wiper at their disposal.

Rear wiper on a Stuttgart-registered 1968 A-Series 911S captured in action during early afternoon rainfall in the paddock during the 24 Heures du Mans, June 1970. As seen in the film Le Mans, 1971

Rear wiper on a Stuttgart-registered 1968 A-Series 911S captured in action during early afternoon rainfall in the paddock during the 24 Heures du Mans, June 1970. As seen in the film Le Mans, 1971

While Ferraris, E-Types and other sporting machines were all too often trotted out only on clear sunny days, Porsches routinely took their owners wherever they had to go, day in and day out. A rear wiper, in addition to its obvious utility, telegraphed to the casual observer that they were gazing upon a fine automobile, not likely a dilettante or garage queen. Wherever one needed to go, this car would get them there, efficiently as possible.

928 Porsche’s most exotic rear wiper: the parallelogram articulated version fitted as standard equipment on the 928, a technology Porsche first used at the front of the 904

Porsche’s most exotic rear wiper: the parallelogram articulated version fitted as standard equipment on the 928, a technology Porsche first used in 1964 at the front of the 904

If you spot a vintage or contemporary Porsche with the optional rear wiper, it is a safe bet that it is most likely driven by a Porsche connoisseur.

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A current implementation: 911 Targa 4S

Uninitiated enthusiasts, unencumbered by intimate familiarity of Porsche tradition, have been known to moan and wail that the iconic rear wiper is stylistically unbecoming. On the contrary, a Porsche sporting a rear wiper is analogous to Sean Connery as James Bond in black tie donning a steel Rolex Submariner: a seemingly incongruous functional instrument; seemingly out of place, but discreetly hinting at ancillary capabilities on call.

What would you prefer driving: an automobile unabashedly displaying an object of tangible functionality while simultaneously honoring its no-nonsense heritage; or a mechanical fair-weather pretty boy?

10 thoughts on “The Rear Wiper: A Vital Strand of Porsche DNA

  1. A good education. I will readily admit I never gave them much thought on 911s and presumed they were a USA more-is-more option phenomenon. But you have shown me otherwise! Great stuff.

  2. Compared to conventionally-inclined windows fitted with a wiper, there isn’t much to say about the pseudo-advantage of recessed rear windows that simply never caught on (and I should know a bit about this!). This great post ought to be shared with Porsche’s communications department and sales teams.

  3. Some guys have asked me why I spec’d my Cayman GTS with a rear wiper and I had to explain – in the future I can just forward this article to them. Bravo!

  4. Did you know that Pete Horbury styled the rear wiper shroud on the Volvo 480ES, possibly the first rear wiper to be given such treatment? Citroen’s CX had a rear screen designed to obviate the need for a wiper. It’s concave.

  5. I had long forgotten the stylized wiper at the back of the 480. I have noticed a few newish SUVs that mount the rear wiper at the top, essentially hiding it under the roof overhang.

    I am not sure about the effectiveness of the concave rear window on the CX. A friend had a CX GTi Turbo and a number of times complained about the lack of a rear wiper!

    • He evidently was not going fast enough. That generally clears the rainwater. I must ask a proper Citroeniste. My own car, an XM, has a wiper (shared the Xsara) which needs replacement at very frequent intervals.

  6. I have read in Retroviseur Hors-Série 2016-2017 ‘La Saga Porsche’ that according to Porsche star-salesman Harald Wagner, who coined the Targa name and developed Porsche’s approach to offer a profusion of options, it was indeed the “last German steel baron” who ordered a rear wiper for the first time, but on one the seven 356 grey coupes that he owned. Could it be?

    I found a tiny model that is green not grey (by Wiking, the model manufacturer), but the picture is rather telling!

    • A magnificent find!

      I updated the article and have also ordered this historically intriguing Wiking scale model to add to the burgeoning Auto Universum collection. Bravo, Monsieur Up!

      Upon further research, I was able to unearth the new image of Herr Krupp’s first rear wiper installed on what is reputed to be a 1955 model, finished in 5407 Pearl Grey, or possibly a custom colour.

      Assuming Wiking rendered the model correctly; it would appear that after a reputed six grey Porsche’s, he apparently decided go with 6406 Irish Green (or what Wiking purports to be “Chromoxidgrün”) for what would be his final 356.

      Here is Alfried with his 356 B T5 Coupé; the rear wiper just visible, parked toward the driver’s side as on the Wiking model:

  7. Thanks for an intriguing bit of history. It gave me just the impetus I needed to add the rear wiper to the spec of my on-order Miami Blue 911 Carrera.

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