The Automobile in 1960s Lifestyle Magazine Illustration

James Kraus

JK - 1 (6)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, Morgan Kane, 1960. Image © IPD. Note latch detail on open door.

Illustration as an art form somewhat fell from favour after the 1960s, increasingly being replaced by photography. This was apparent even in automotive print advertising, with Pontiac abandoning their decade-plus relationship with illustration masters Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman. 

Here s a look back at examples of illustrators utilizing contemporary automobiles as props to further a story.

Messerschmitt KR175 Kabinenroller. Coby Whitmore, 1960. © IPC Media.

1963 Pontiac Catalina Convertible. Andy Virgil, 1964. © IPC Media.

Fiat 2100 Berlina. Bofil Noiquet, 1964. © IPC Media.

JK - 1 (15)

Austin-Healey 100. Eric Earnshaw, 1965. © IPC Media.

JK - 1 (8)

1963 Pontiac Catalina and 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air. Lynn Buckham, 1967. © IPC Media.

JK - 1 (11)

Morgan +4. Unknown artist, 1967. © IPC Media.

JK - 1 (17)

Elan +2, Nigel Hicks, 1968. © IPC Media.

Images selected from Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s by Rian Hughes.


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