That Was The Year That Was: 1965

 James Kraus


Monaco Grand Prix poster, Michael Turner, 1965

The first year of the latter half of the 1960s was a halcyon time. Most financial markets were still hitting new highs and automotive sales were setting records. Nevertheless, signs were appearing hinting that the good times might be on the wane. Continue reading


The Cars of James Bond: Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward Drophead Coupé

by James Kraus

Bond is held captive in the back of a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow as it speeds toward the lair of Unione Corse kingpin Marc-Ange Draco

The 1960s were a time of change at the venerable firm of Rolls-Royce Limited. Although they only introduced a single new model, the Silver Shadow; the new car represented a huge break from RR traditions. Incorporating unitized monocoque construction, all disc brakes and independent rear suspension; the Silver Shadow also utilised self-levelling hydro-pneumatic suspension technology licensed from Citroën.  Continue reading